Melissa Kaylene: Kids and milestones.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Kids and milestones.

These last two weeks have been super busy for me! I, who normally work on call (meaning 4-6 shifts a month on average) have put in quite a few hours this past week. I have been helping orientating someone who they just hired to fill the full time position I've been helping cover.

This week was a big one for the kiddos. Anika had her last soccer game of the season, and although she is the smallest on her team, and will never be the all star player; she has such an amazing coach that encourages all the girls. I know that is why Anika still plays! It's wonderful to have a coach that puts the time into these girls, and its great that these girls have someone to look up too at such a challenging time in their development, where they are right in the middle between being a little girl, and the verge of being teenagers. ( Her team is 4th-6th grades).

Emma also had a big evening, when I took her last night to big sissy Anika's school to sign her up for Kindergarten. It was wonderful because she saw several of her classmates from preschool there, and us, being the "Pirates", had a treasure map for all the kids to find their new teachers and collect stamps on the maps to earn a book and cookie. Emma is the shy one out of my three, but as we were walking home she said, "Mommy, I thought that was gonna be scary, but that wasn't even scary at all!". Big milestone for her.

Noah is also looking forward to this fall, because he is going to be a preschooler, and Emma's old school will then be his new school. :)

These kids are exhausting work. But they grow up so fast.



  1. I loved soccer as a kid! One of the best memories of my childhood is being on the same team for 5 years.

  2. Yes, kids are a lot of work, but I can't agree more-they do grow fast!
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