Melissa Kaylene: Bring on Autumn.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Bring on Autumn.

Officially summer doesn't end for three more weeks, but with school beginning again and all of the fall activities starting up, Autumn is drawing near. Like I've said in the past, I love all of the seasons, but fall has to be my favorite. The hustle and bustle of a new school year, with soccer and pumpkin spice lattes. Rain boots and home cooked comfort foods. The changing colors in the leaves with sunny days and cool nights. Yup. Fall is pretty awesome.

With all of that being said I wanted to do a little summer bucket list recap.

1. Blueberry Picking
2. Beach Trip
3. Zoo  Read about it here
4. See fireworks  Read about it here
5. Have BBQ  Read about one of them here
6. Mani/Pedi
7. Visit an Aquarium  Read about it here
8. Backyard Campout
9. Girls night out
10. Fair
11. Drive-In
12. School Lunches
13. VBS
14. Summer Reading Program
15. See Grandma Teresa
16. See Papa and Nana  Read about it here
17. Have a sleepover  Read about it here
18. Farmer's Market
19. Rodeo  Read about it here
20. Carousal
21. Can Strawberry Jam
22. Camping
23. Soccer Camp
24. Nature Trail

As you can see, we didn't quite finish the list, but we sure made a huge dent in it. The kids did go to some little festivals, so I'm not to worried about missing the fairs. The drive-in is still a possibility to go to this month, as well as the others. I'm not too sad about missing a few from the list. The fun part is the process and being able to look back at all of the fun we've had.

We had our End of Summer BBQ last night, and it turned out wonderful. I'm in the process of editing photos and will be sharing the event with you very soon!



  1. That is a HUGE dent in the summer bucket list. I love drive ins. I haven't been to one in almost seven years. I really need to go back. My husband proposed to me at a drive in. Hope you get a few more fun times in before Autumn officially begins.

  2. Wish i got that much done on my summer bucket list!! You did good and looks like you had a great summer
    Stopping by from the blog hop!

  3. Looks like you had an eventful summer! I'll have to add blueberry picking to my summer bucket list for next year. Sounds like so much fun... and I'm definitely on the same page as you; I'm more than ready for fall (specifically fall weather). Stopping by from the GFC Collective, and I'd love for you to drop by and visit my blog if you get the chance. Happy Labor Day!

    Diary of a Debutante

  4. You put a serious dent in that list!