Melissa Kaylene: Success and Exhaustion.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Success and Exhaustion.

This photo depicts a successful purging in the girl's room. If you are a mom, you know that is a completely miraculous reason to celebrate.

If you haven't noticed, I've been virtually MIA for 3 days now. There was no Create.Simplify.Inspire this week, and I'm just now getting around to catching up on all of my emails.

Where have I been? Living the grand ol' day to day life. I had just barely gotten into the routine of all three kids in schools at different times, and then soccer started. Both of the girls are playing this year, which poses some large challenges with scheduling etc. for me to figure out. And you are completely dependent on the coaches to notify you in a timely matter for practices and locations.... so it literally has taken over a week to figure out their schedules. In fact I didn't even know Anika's until yesterday, and her first game is tomorrow!

I've been trying really hard to work with Emma. She says she wants to play, but she is so shy she does not participate with her teammates. In fact she will just stand there with her head down, not moving. It makes me so sad that her anxiety is getting the best of her. I do not want to push her too far out of her comfort zone, but on the other hand it is something that has to be done in a gentle, slowly, and confident manner. Continuing to encourage and praise her. I hope that will slowly build the confidence she needs to succeed (and I mean succeed as in what she deems as a success, not everyone else) I don't want her to miss out on the things that I think she will look back and have good memories of, simply because she was scared she would mess up and not do things right.

Slowly, day by day we try.

I don't normally talk about all things personal on here, but on top of everything else going on, my husband (who was laid off this year) has been doing part time odds and ends work. Well this month he was able to get full time hours...and you would think that would be better, right? He is actually making less than what his unemployment was. So financially things have been tighter for us.

Sometimes faith is challenging.

Lastly, between work and the kids, we also had Open House on Wednesday, and the P.T.S.O. sold T-shirts there. I couldn't tell you how much we sold, because after I left they quit keeping track! So guess who has to go back in to count the leftover shirts and money? I guess I don't understand why people don't see the importance of tracking your sales and inventory.

It's hard letting go of control because so many times when you ask for things to be done, it doesn't.

But life goes on. We've got a full schedule next month, as Octobers usually are. Where I used to take a day with nothing to do for granted, I now cherish the hour here and there when I don't have to do anything.

How is your transition to fall going?



  1. Celebrating the purge with you! Praying on the rest of it. :O)

  2. Congrats on your purge, I can't believe how hard it is. My husband and I are adopting so we need to make room for some full grown kids to move in and I find it impossible to just purge my own things!

  3. We're just as busy, and doing the soccer thing too. My son is GREAT at chasing behind the group that's chasing the ball, lolol

  4. Jealous of that organized space! I need to muster up the motivation to tackle my 3-year-old's room. He just started preschool all day every day, so my fall transition is getting used to more of a normal workday for me. (I work from home.) Lots of confusing mommy emotions!