Melissa Kaylene: Keep on Practicing...

Friday, September 27, 2013

Keep on Practicing...


Soccer is in full swing now, with four games and three practices a week between the girls. Emma is finally opening up during her practices and goofing off....having fun.....its good to see. She probably won't be the all star player, which is just fine with me. I've told her the important thing is to have fun, and to not be scared.

She has another game tomorrow.

We shall see.

During all of the games we've had so far she has been so shy that she just stands there on the field with her head down, chewing on her shirt, not moving. She tells me that she wants to do it. I hope she can work past her fears and learn to believe in herself and worry less of what others think of her.

Tomorrow there is also a big rain and wind storm headed our way, yet the games are on a scheduled (and pictures!) , and we'll be out there from 7:30-10am and 1-3pm.

This should be fun.

Wish us luck.

p.s. Noah will love playing in all the mud that brings. ;)



  1. Awesome. I love those dirty little hands, lol. To cute. Thanks for sharing at SSS Hop.

  2. My son is in soccer right now and he's real good at chasing the group of kids around who are actually kicking the ball, lol!! HI loved your pics. Have a great weekend!! I'm visiting today from Super Sunday Sync.