Melissa Kaylene: Small Town Festivals.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Small Town Festivals.




This past weekend our town held its Annual Harvest Festival.
We've lived in the same small town for over 6 years now, and ever year I I'm here I think I love small towns more and more.
There's a sense of community.
 We all are neighbors. Even if I don't know your first name we still waive at each other while going down the road.
We celebrate together.
It was Anika's first time in a parade and she was representing our church's after school kid program. We all sat and cheered her on. They won two awards.
I like where I'm at in life. My kids are growing up knowing the same kids every year.
We walk to school.
This is exactly how I think my kids should be growing up.


  1. This is awesome! Great photos, too. The kids look adorable and it shows that you all are enjoying your lives. That's so important! Thanks for linking up to Mommy Monday again!


  2. I love the photos. I live in a small town, too, and there is nothing like it! I am so glad that my daughters get to grow up in that kind of environment. :)