Melissa Kaylene: Create.Simplify.Inspire. #67

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Create.Simplify.Inspire. #67

I wrote on my personal Facebook that this week is perhaps the busiest week I've ever had. I'm most certainly not complaining, I'm just a tad tired. So tired in fact that I sat down last night to publish this post and I fell asleep in the recliner until 5am! That's what I get for sitting down in the comfy chair I suppose. :)

Softball is in full gear, Anika has had practice 6 out of the past 7 nights! Sunday's are the only day of rest around here! Emma has her T-ball practice twice a week, but unfortunately her practice is a 15-20 minute drive - we weren't so lucky to have a local team for her to play on.

And, our PTSO Family Fun Fair is tomorrow, so I've been running around in circles trying to coordinate everything for that and have asked myself on numerous occasions why I did I volunteer for this? I know it's for a good cause, but sometimes I wish I was just a helper, not the leader. Problem is I can't find anyone else willing to do we shall see what happens next fall.

How's your week going? .

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Create.Simplify.Inspire. #67

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  1. Love your tea party! Thanks for hosting. Please stop by our party. We would love to have one of your fun projects at our party.
    Happy Thursday! Lou Lou Girls

  2. I can imagine why no one else wants to run it! I will pray that you get the energy and helpers that you need and that Saturday will be a big success. Wishing you a wonderful Mother's Day on Sunday!

  3. Thanks for hosting,Melissa!
    have a wonderful weekend and Mother's day!