Melissa Kaylene: Live your finite life.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Live your finite life.

So many times I am reminded of how fragile and precious life is. It's a gift, blessing, and so often its cut short before we even get a chance to do the things we wanted to do,

or live the life we dreamed.

In the blink of an eye someone can be gone forever.

When we were younger we all wished to grow up, live our lives, not have to be a kid anymore.

And then we grow up and we long to go back to our days of  youth.

It goes so fast.

I wish we could go back and tell ourselves as youth to enjoy the moment. Don't worry about responsibilities; adult problems, just live, because you never know.

And then I wish we could all find a place of happiness where we are in life now. Most of us will never have everything we want, but to learn to be content with what you have and

Life is finite.
Live it.
Breathe it.
Don't let it pass you by


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