Melissa Kaylene: My Summer DIY Bucket List

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

My Summer DIY Bucket List

My summer DIY bucket list

Lately I've felt like I could totally transform into a hermit and I'd be completely cool hiding out in my own house. I'm sure that I'd get tired of it after a week or two, but the thought of it's been pretty appealing! I think it's just because I've felt like I've been on the go more this past year than ever before.

It's been officially summer for four days now and I know that last year I was very much into creating a summer bucket list of things that I wanted to do with the kids. While I still love the idea of doing that again, I think this summer I'd like to shift my focus from going and doing so many activities to more DIY activities around the house. After 7 summers here it's time to start sprucing up.

My husband works pretty long hours most of the time, and having had babies and toddlers since we've moved in here, there's a lot of things that haven't gotten finished (or started!) at our house. With Anika turning 11 this summer, Emma 6 1/2 and Noah being 4 years old now, I feel that I can actually accomplish some of these things with both of my hands while having the kids here. People take things for granted like mowing the lawn, or even weeding - because it's so hard to do when you have a baby teething or needing fed! I think the kids are finally at ages where I can work on something for more than 2 minutes at a time while they play together.

So, this summer bucket is still coming (if you need ideas for yours here's 31 summer activities), but here's a glimpse at my to-do list. I know that it won't get all done in the next 11 short weeks, but that's okay as long as I keep plugging away at it.

  • Buy and install a new screen door
  • Build a raised garden (hint - this one will be on the blog soon!)
  • Stain the fence and decks
  • Tile the bathrooms and repaint the walls
  • Clean the bedroom carpets
  • Repaint the house
  • Fix our garage door - so it will actually work!
  • Clean the garage and organize it
  • Finish building the play structure for the kids
  • SOMEDAY lay hardwood flooring down
  • Create a chalkboard wall that I can hang on our fence for the kids
  • Mulch the yard

Do you have a summer DIY list started? What's your number one project to get done before school starts back up?



  1. Lots of good ones!!! I should make a summer bucket list, too!
    Kallie - But First, Coffee

  2. Lots of fun projects! We did a spring DIY bucket list of sorts. We mulched all the flower beds, got the kids a play house, fixed the sprinkler system, transplanted what felt like a million daffodils and lilies, made a drainage area for the front of the house so it doesn't try to flood to the door and built an out door seating area.

    I plan on taking the summer off. =

    I do like the idea of a summer bucket list though.

    1. I think a spring bucket list would be ideal...that way if I didn't get it done by the end of spring I could just transition it into a summer list ;) I wasn't on top of the ball enough this spring, but I may have to do that next year!

  3. What a fun list! I'm very impressed - my list would be much shorter. We need to clean up the backyard....and clean out the garage. Oh, and build some bookshelves... :) ~ Sierra