Melissa Kaylene: Sunshine, Softball, and Sunscreen

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sunshine, Softball, and Sunscreen

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New Post // Sunshine, Softball, and Sunscreen #BBBestSummer #shop #Cbias #CollectiveBias
New Post // Sunshine, Softball, and Sunscreen #BBBestSummer #shop #Cbias #CollectiveBias

Last weekend was absolutely gorgeous! Saturday Emma had her T-Ball game at 10 am, Anika had her softball game at noon, and then we helped our friends in a parade. It was extra hot on Saturday and by noon I was already beginning to feel sticky, but no matter what the weather is, I wouldn't miss these games for the world. I don't know about you, but as a parent it is one of the cutest things to see the little girls up at bat and running the bases. We are far enough into the season now that the coaches will pitch 3 or 4 balls to the girls before having them use the stand.

Her games are approximately an hour long, but Anika's can sometimes go for two hours, so we always pack a lot of stuff to keep the other kids fed, hydrated, entertained, plus we keep Banana Boat Sunscreen ready to protect their skin. Anika has really fair skin like I do so we absolutely have to bring it with us. There is such a huge variety of Banana Boat Sunscreens to choose from, but currently we have the Kids Free SPF 50 Clear Spray, which is fantastic to use when you're in a hurry (To whomever created spray sunblock; I thank you!) We also use the Protect and Hydrate Lotion. I also began buying Wayne some Men's SPF 30 Clear Spray Sunblock since he works outside all day long everyday and needs to protect his skin as well.

 This video was on my cell phone, so the picture quality isn't as good, but this is what happened at the second inning. 

She was so proud. 

New Post // Sunshine, Softball, and Sunscreen #BBBestSummer #shop #Cbias #CollectiveBiasNew Post // Sunshine, Softball, and Sunscreen #BBBestSummer #shop #Cbias #CollectiveBias

You can find all of those Banana Boat products in the summer section at Walmart as well as a Sport SPF 50 Clear Spray, Protect & Hydrate 50 Spray and Men's SPF 50 Lotion.

New Post // Sunshine, Softball, and Sunscreen #BBBestSummer #shop #Cbias #CollectiveBias

There is also a really awesome Wheel of Fun contest going on at the Banana Boat Facebook page where you could win some great prizes like a trip to Sea World, Disney World/Land, or a Six Flags Amusement Park!

In addition you can have the chance to instantly win $100 through HERE.

Even after softball season ends, I'll still probably keep a gear bag in the back of the Expedition filled with summer snacks and sunblock so we will be prepared to have the #BBBestSummer ever!!



  1. Looks like she had so much fun at baseball! I'm a baseball mom too and I don't know what I'd do without sunscreen either. #client


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