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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Family First.


 As I briefly mentioned before in a previous post, we decided on a last minute trip down to Canyonville and Grants Pass to see my family. My dad moved back down to that area a few months ago, and my mom still lives there. My great Aunt June on my dad's side flew in from Texas and I knew the importance of visiting with her.

So after working all night Thursday, I came home and we loaded up for our road trip. We took the longer trip down the coast because the weather was gorgeous. Friday evening we pulled into Canyonville at my Dads temporary home (he's in the process of purchasing one) and got settled in.

Saturday my Dad and his wife April took us over to see where they would be moving in a couple weeks, and then we all caravanned down the mountain passes to Grants Pass; my home town. There we visited with my Aunt June at our friend Chuck's house, and the kids had fun wandering outside looking at the chickens and fish.

Saturday evening Dad and April headed back up and we got pizza and visited with my mom. When the kiddos began getting sleepy we drove back up to Dads and got them tucked in. I had contacted two of my best friends earlier in the day (who happen to be sisters) that I've known since Kindergarten and we all met up at for a couple of hours that night to catch up.

Sunday I drug my sleepy self out of bed, because it was Father's day! We got all ready and headed to my Dad's church with him, which was probably the best Father's day present I could have given him.
After church we headed back down to Grants Pass to see my Grandpa (my mom's dad). There the kids fell in love with his wife Melinda's horses, and the girls got to ride one for the first time. The smiles they had were priceless. I was so happy to surprise my Grandpa with a visit on Father's Day. I only see him maybe once a year, and I hate it. I was so glad to see that he is looking really good and healthy right now. Wayne and my Grandpa could just sit there and talk for hours and hours. They get along so well.

I didn't want to leave.

But, I also wanted to have a BBQ with my Dad, and so we said our farewells and drove back up to Dads house for dinner. I think it made his day.

Monday we got to lounge around with Dad and April until after lunch time, then we drove over to April's Mom Mary's house to check in with her. I hadn't seen her since Grandpa Howern's Funeral in January. She looked really good. Finally we had to say our final farewells to everyone and load up for our trek back home, and after 3 potty stops along the way, we made it.

It was a crazy weekend, but worth every minute of it. Life is about the relationships you have with people, and I'm glad we got to begin our summer seeing some of the ones I love so dearly.



  1. Hello from Canada... beautiful Oregon coast pictures!

  2. Sounds like an amazing weekend... beautiful photos!

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