Melissa Kaylene: 5 Ways to Simplify Stress

Friday, August 2, 2013

5 Ways to Simplify Stress

We get busy. A lot. It seems like everyday is filled up with schedules and lists and chaos! We drop into bed every night (or morning!) and can't shut our minds off, so we lay there and think some more.

Having three kids of my own, a husband, mortgage, job, and all the other extra-curricular activities life brings, I get it. I'm there too.

Last winter though, things spiraled out of control for me. The normally I-can-handle-it-all-wonder-woman had a bit of a breakdown. There was too much outside craziness and distractions getting into our own home. And I was unconsciously letting this happen, and eventually it had to end. I had to learn to cut ties with some things, and some people that I just couldn't help. It was all causing me to loose way to much of my own precious sleep.

It wasn't pretty, but I freed myself (mostly) and I'm getting back to a simpler kind of normal everyday chaos. Along the way I've learned a few things that will help you simplify too.

1. Take a deep breath and figure out what is important and what's not worth the stress. Does the benefit of the added stress over weigh the negative for you and your family?

2. Make a top ten list everyday. Write down the most important things that need to be accomplished.

3. Cut back. Take a day or at least an afternoon every week that you just say no to everything and stay at home. Wear your pajamas if you want and tidy up the house, or tackle a project you've been threatening to for the last six months. You'll feel better having a cleaner home, and will have a block of time that you don't feel rushed.

4. Say no to negativity. This is a tough one. Sometimes we get so wrapped up in news, whether it be national or all the way to down-right gossip we get sucked into. Then that stressful, gloomy feeling begins to take over. So take a step backwards and cut yourself off for a while. Limit TV, phone conversations with Negative Nancy, and read something inspiring. A weight will begin to magically lift off of your shoulders.

5. When in doubt, talk it out - just not too much. My husband and I do this quite frequently about people or things that bother us. It's great to have someone else to converse with but you have to be careful not to continuously talk about it, because then it becomes counter-productive and can start to stress you out more. Make sure you have a limit to the topics that frustrate you or tie your stomach in knots, then change the subject.

These are just a few of the ways I've learned to simplify my stress. What are some of your ideas??



  1. I love the idea of writing down the top ten things to do each day!! Thats a wonderful Idea!!

  2. I can testify to most of those the last week!

    1. uh oh! Hope things are slowing down for you!!

  3. No 4 is the biggest one for me. I don't turn on the television much at all and now that hubby has gone to the night shift, it doesn't get turned on AT ALL. I love not hearing about the negativity outside me. I know it's there; I'm not being ignorant, but I just don't want to hear it all the time. There has to be some positivity!

    Are you by Willamette Lake at all? I used to go to the Willamette Valley all the time from Milton-Freewater. LOL! It's sooooo beautiful there.

    1. Hi! I should know that, but I'm not sure where Willamette Lake is? I live about 23 miles north of West Salem, and 35 miles from Portland, and about an hours drive from Lincoln City (the coast).

      I feel for your husband! I've been working two night shifts a week and it kicks my butt! I don't think I could ever do full time nights turns me into an old woman :)

  4. Cutting out the negativity is always the hardest. I love your tips, simple and basic, but so many of us just don't see it that way. Thanks for sharing! (Oh, stopping by from Marvelous Mondays) :)

    That Crafty Lunch Lady

  5. Wonderful ideas, thanks so much for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  6. Great tips! Thank you so much for sharing at Monday Funday!

  7. Great tips that we all could use reminders on!