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Sunday, August 4, 2013

My Kids.

It must be birthday party season around here, as the kids have been able to attend one once a week for the past three weeks. Last weeks party was at Safari Sam's, which is a slice of heaven for children. Jungle Gyms, miniature golf, pizza and ice cream, bounce houses, and a variety of ticket machine games, where you spend so much money purchasing coins for the games, then collect the tickets you win for prizes. The kids LOVE it, but the prizes are junk (in my opinion) as you end up spending 10x what the prize really costs just playing. But hey, the kids have fun.

Anyways, it was on one of those games that Anika won the bonus round. 1,000 tickets spit out at her and greedy little kid eyes stared from all directions. She proudly turned in all 1,152 of her tickets and bought a variety of of them being a magic eight ball. You know, those balls that you shake and ask it a question and an answer pops up.

The next morning I woke up and came into the living room to find this: Anika dressed up like a gypsy with her fortune telling station set up, where she had a list of prices for fortunes, and then a price for games, which also included things she won at the party. Emma and Noah were eating it up...and spending all of their pennies.

So who dug into the bottom of her purse and coughed up a couple dollars in change, just because they were playing so well and not bothering me? Yup. Hey, it worked for like an hour before the fighting began. :)

Three birthday parties in three weeks....and tomorrow will be number four and the biggest birthday party of them yet: Anika's. Her actual birthday isn't until the 12th, but we are celebrating it a week early. She is turning the big 10 and instead of a party, I am taking her and her two best friends for an overnight in a hotel suite. It's what she wanted. Pool, hot tub, pizza, pedicures,....wish me luck! You know I'll share pictures with you along the way on my Instagram.

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  1. An arcade like that was my kids' favorite thing at a resort we went to a few weeks ago. I think they were SO disappointed by how LITTLE those tickets got them!!

    Have fun with your daughter and her friends at the birthday party. Sounds like an event!