Melissa Kaylene: Easy Embellished Invitations

Friday, August 16, 2013

Easy Embellished Invitations

If you and I were friends in real life, you would know that every year we have an end of summer BBQ in my backyard, where family and friends gather together for what may be the first and last time of the season. You would know that there would be plenty of beer and wine to drink with an over bountiful table of food - and there would probably be something, somewhere on that table that your taste buds had never tried before.

We'd all find seats in my little yard under twinkling lights and chat about a variety of things, but you would know that when you get a group of nurses around there is no topic off limits!

We would stuff our stomachs full of food and then I'd bring out the desserts; pies, cookies, ice cream floats.

We'd chat until late in the evening, and I wouldn't let you leave until I'd had my fare share of photographs with you.

- It's coming again. Last year was our Blue Moon BBQ , this year our BBQ will be even better, and I want to show you updates with my party progress, starting with my invitations that I personalized.

You will need just a couple things to make them.

First of all, decide on a theme. Or browse around and find the perfect card and let that make the decision for you. I used some clip art and Picmonkey to create these simple invites with Chinese lanterns on them. Make sure you size them invites correctly.

Then save the pictures and print them onto heavy card stock. Then cut each one out and embellish. I made my lanterns stand out more with black ink, and - you guessed it - nail polish. Why not?

All it takes is a little time and creativity and you can save yourself a bunch of cash.

Stay tuned for more posts as I cover all my DIY's leading up to the party on August 31st!



  1. The nail polish is great! I think these came out really nice.

    Thank you for linking to Super Sunday Sync!

  2. Wow, this is a great idea! So pretty. I"m definitely going to have to do something like this. Pinning! :)

  3. These are great! At first I thought they were the scratch off kind something like a lottery ticket, but the glitter is perfect!

    I would love it if you linked up with our party this week!

  4. Super cute! I would have never thought to use nail polish but thats so smart! Ill have to remember this for future invites!

    I would love for you to share this (and any other post!) at my Life of the Party link up! It just opened! Im going to poke around your blog a little more. :)

  5. Cute project! Thanks so much for linking up to All My Bloggy Friends last week - I hope you'll join us again tomorrow. I look forward to seeing what you've been working on this week! :)

  6. How smart are you?? I love it! What a fun tradition for your friends and family.
    Thanks for linking up to Tickled Pink Times Two. I can't wait to see what else you have.
    Make it a great day.

  7. What a good idea! I love the sparkly lantern :)