Melissa Kaylene: Imagination.

Friday, August 23, 2013


This 10 year old. Stuck in the middle of childhood and on the verge of growing up. Sometimes I look at her and realize that there isn't many more years of make believe left in her. I love her imagination. Somewhere between those teenage years we loose our imaginations, our dreams. We grow up.

I don't want her to grow up.

She is a reader. She always has been. I love that about her.
She read Anne of Green Gables. A classic. I remember reading it.

We borrowed the movies. If you haven't seen them, they are older, slow paced, and nothing exciting. But they can let a little girl's imagination fly into a world so vastly different than the one we have today.

She was enthralled in it. It doesn't hurt that Anne too had bright red hair and was 'too skinny' as well.

Sitting there watching that movie brought back my own imagination.

I don't want to grow up either.

Just some thoughts on life.



  1. i completely understand, there are times when i look back at my childhood and think "gosh, i dont want to grow up!". can you say, peter pan? haha

  2. Yeah, I also have the moments - when I look at my kids and wonder - where has the time gone. I love love love love that picture you took. It's so telling.

    Thank you so much for sharing on the Mommmy Monday Blog Hop, Melissa! I hope you come back and link up.

    Did I say that picture ws awesome? It really is.

  3. 10 is such a sweet age, isn't it? I have a 14-yr old daughter that I see becoming a young woman more and more every day, totally able to relate to time moving fast.

    Thank you for linking up to Super Sunday Sync.