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Wednesday, August 14, 2013


 I have been thinking a lot lately. My mind swirls around in circles with ideas, problems, possible solutions, and dreams.

I have so many wishes of things I want to accomplish in my life - but unless I get the thoughts out of my head and onto paper nothing will become concrete.

I'm so happy with what I've become on my life's journey, yet I feel that this is merely only the beginning of greater things to come, in my personal life and in this blog.

I see this blog as a window of opportunity to create a grander life from. I've already been blessed with some wonderful opportunities like Dinner Parties from Local Plate, Adventures from the Portland Aquarium, and Dinner Dates from In Good Taste...and I can see nothing but progress from here.

Will you join me? Will you read along as I create, simplify, and aspire to inspire while living my life?
What are you thinking about lately?

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  1. I'm thinking, where did you get that top? Love!!