Melissa Kaylene: Big News: WonderFul Woman Movement!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Big News: WonderFul Woman Movement!

So excited! It's finally here! But now, it's just the beginning!

We all know her - that woman we look up to and aspire to be like. Maybe she's your best friend who works two jobs while attending college full time, or your sister who manages to raise four kids and run her own business. Maybe you haven't even 'met' your mentor, but you follow her religiously through her blog.

What makes a "WonderFul Woman"?

"WonderFul woman come in all shapes, sizes, ages, demographics. What unifies them is their passion and drive; the way we watch them creating their life in front of us that inspires us and motivates us in our own way."

Often times these women don't get the recognition they deserve, but continue to try their hardest day after day; they never give up.

It's time we showed them how much we appreciate them, and acknowledge them. The WonderFul Woman Movement will do just that.Every month one woman will be selected as the Woman of the Month, and her story will be shared with all of us.

The WonderFul Woman of the Month will have her photo/link on Willamette Valley Wonder Woman's main blog page for the entire month.

The WonderFul Woman's story will be featured at the beginning of the month and then she will have the opportunity to have one guest post during her month of recognition. This post's content will be entirely up to her - she can share a story, recipe, craft, - something that will inspire us.

Also, as the WonderFul Woman of the Month, she will also receive a small token of appreciation in the mail. <3

What I need:

YOU. I want you to submit your nominations directly to me. These nominations should include a detailed (2-4 paragraph) summary of your nominee to share with us, as well as the following questions to be answered:

1. In your opinion, what makes this woman so wonderful?
2. How does she go above and beyond everyday?
3. What has she done (knowingly or not) to motivate you in some way?

Submissions should include your name, contact information as well as:

Nominee's full name
Contact information (the more the better ex, blog, website, FB, Twitter, Email....)

Please send all nominations to:
Subject: WonderFul Woman

I will do my best to respond to all submissions and will notify you if yours is selected. If your nominee is chosen you will also receive 30 days of ad space to Willamette Valley Wonder Woman Free.

This movement is made possible by you! Help keep it going!

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Questions? Thoughts? Ideas? Comment! :)


  1. I have someone to nominate here....someone that I am blessed to know. She lives in Dayton, and is an awesome daughter, mother, friend, nurse, wife, business woman, sister, boss, creative director, cook, talent coordinator, school supporter, aunt, cousin, granddaughter, artist, painter, crafts person, party organizer, decorator, organizer, family coordinator, best friend, housekeeper, councelor, advisor, ....oh, and did I mention an awesome daughter? I nominate Melissa Cook, a.k.a. Willamnette Valley Wonderwoman herself!

  2. Hey there! I'm sorry to interrupt but i'm stopping by from the blog hop. I'm a new follower through Bloglovin. I hope you have had a great weekend!


  3. What a cool concept :). Will this be ongoing? I'd love to share! Thanks so much for letting us know @ My Favorite Posts SHOW OFF Weekend Blog Party!

    The Wondering Brain